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How we do it.

The People

Aptus is led by people with proven track record in making it successful in various industries. Utilizing proven quality-centric processes and methodologies that ensures successful service delivery. Aptus prides itself in providing quality partnership mentality rather than just being an ordinary service provider. Aptus has a cross-cultural team composed of expats and Filipinos utilizing proven quality-centric processes and methodologies that ensures successful service delivery. Aptus is proud to have passionate leaders committed to what Aptus stands for.

The Management

Aptus’ Management team is composed of people that have gained experience in various aspects of a BPO business setting as they climb the corporate ladder of big corporate Fortune 500 Outsourcing Service Providers. With a total of more than 50 years of BPO experience, we can say that you be rest assured of a quality partnership.

The Staff

We respect our employees and encourage them to innovate and contribute ideas to create a work environment that is professionally challenging and personally rewarding. We are committed to the professional development of every staff in the Aptus family as their achievements are the foundation of Aptus’ exceptional service delivery to our clients and their customers.

Our Approach

Aptus was established with a vision of providing the same high level of quality outsourcing and offshoring solutions that global corporate businesses would typically expect from larger, more established BPO firms. Large-scale BPO companies often incorporate highly complex operational processes, procedures and protocols. While this approach may usually suit large clients, it may not necessarily fulfill the needs of SME-sized companies or businesses looking to outsource a minor aspect of their operations.

Aptus endeavors to simplify outsourcing through 3 steps namely:


When you choose to partner with Aptus, we do not simply present you with a pre-designed solution. We take the time to sit down with you and properly discuss, understand and agree on how we can work together in addressing the various needs of your business.


Once we’ve identified the applicable solution, Aptus will work with you to ensure everything the project requires to succeed is in place, from acquiring the right talent, system and tools setup, training and all other variables needed to realize the short- and long-term objectives.


Aptus will take point in launching operations, with tried and tested strategies and methodologies to ensure a successful implementation phase.

Post-launch, we will continually analyze performance trends, call arrival patterns, quality of output and other factors to find how we can better improve the quality and delivery of our services and the end-customer experience of your client base. Aptus is not merely a service provider. We do what we do, because we understand that we are also a partner in your business, sharing the same goals as you do and having a common commitment to service excellence, with the intention of helping you grow your business with you.

How we deliver?

Aptus can deploy the following service delivery models and should below be inappropriate we are open to tailor fit a service delivery model that would suit your business needs.

Joint Management

We provide and manage the infrastructure, human resources management, payroll, office space, equipment, and other variables that may not be directly related to operations. You have full supervision over the staff’s performance, with employees reporting directly to you. This way, we function similarly to an extension of your office with the staff accountable to you. This service delivery model provides you full control on the operations and how the work is done.

Full Management

In addition to what is provided under the Joint Management service delivery model, Aptus also assumes full responsibility for employee performance and the campaign’s achievement of pre-established Key Performance Indicator targets. Aptus will designated a designated Account Manager to oversee operations and both individual and campaign-wide performance of the project. The Account Manager will report on campaign performance and developments to you on a periodic basis, through correspondence, calls or business reviews, either daily, weekly or monthly.