Welcome, Trainers Mano and Zin!

By Marijoe Antoinette C. Banzon

On December 11 (Tuesday) began a training program with the goal of producing super reviewers for one of Aptus’ accounts. Trainer Ronald Wilson “Mano” Romano and Trainer Zin Alaurin have been commissioned as on-call super reviewers for two weeks. They originally reside outside Metro Manila and work full-time at their respective homes, but now they are temporarily staying in town for the aforementioned project. Their qualifications are impressive: Both have been into LiDAR for more than a year already (take into account that the major company is barely three years old), and there were no trainers when they were learning; so it means most of what they know now were self-taught. Let’s get to know them a little bit more.

Trainer Zin is an awesome mom and a full-time home-based employee doing LiDAR. She started out more than a year ago after having been invited by some friends, and since then has evolved into a super reviewer through hard work. This is her second time to have been called to train reviewers. For T. Zin, to guide and coach potential super reviewers through various challenges and tasks is the goal of this two-week training program. She says that being able to motivate oneself is very important in sticking with and succeeding in the job. She also draws immense inspiration from her kids, who are the very reason behind her accomplishments.

Joining T. Zin is another well-experienced super reviewer, Trainer Mano, who hails all the way from Dumaguete City. He shares a fascinating story about how he and his friends were able to help introduce LiDAR to their hometown by starting a group and helping his friends earn from doing LiDAR. T. Mano’s colleague and friend was also self-taught; he eventually called on their former batchmates, found a place to do their work, and became exposed enough to the job to become a super reviewer. T. Mano explained that the evaluation for super reviewers that was given before took some time; but at the breakneck speed that the young company is growing, faster but more accurate ways of yielding super reviewers is called for. This is where trainers Zin and Mano enter the picture. They train top-performing workers to develop their level of competence and more. Aptus puts a premium on the quality of performance in that they invest resources for the growth, development, and more opportunities for its employees.

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