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Deep Learning models have amazing capacity, getting better with more dataseemingly without limit. To get a well-functioning model, it is not enough to have large amounts of data, you also need accurate annotations. Although large amounts of data will help the model resolve data inconsistencies between different annotations, humans can still make repeated mistakes that become […]

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Looking for innovative ways way to boost your call center productivity in 2019? We compiled a short article on the key call center trends to streamline your operation and keep clients engaged. Put Your Business in the Cloud A traditional call center office location isn’t needed today. Companies can use cloud communication and project-management software […]

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A carefully considered customer experience is no longer the sole responsibility of support agents. Instead, the customer experience

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18 years of tech disruption in 60 seconds! Apple raced to the top. See how Tech Companies Apple, Google, and Amazon has conquered the top four spot from traditional brands from 2000 – 2018 Amazon grew the fastest – see last few seconds! HP was knocked off the list, so was Nokia, GE, Cisco, Intel and so many […]

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