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China’s cotton seed sprouts on moon but will be left to die

A cotton seedling that sprouted on the moon has been left to die as China’s historic lunar lander continues a freezing night-time nap that will last as long as two earth weeks, scientists said. The Chinese space agency announced earlier this week that the seed had germinated inside a special canister aboard the Chang’e-4 probe, […]

China to collect samples from moon this year

BEIJING — China will launch a probe to collect samples from the moon around the end of this year, a space official said on Monday, weeks after Beijing hailed the successful touch down on the far side of the moon. The Chang’e-4 lunar probe landed on Jan. 3 and transmitted the first-ever “close range” image […]

Hyundai shows off walking car project

LAS VEGAS — South Korean car maker Hyundai on Monday gave a look at work it is doing on a vehicle with robotic legs to let it walk or crawl over treacherous terrain. Hyundai showed off its Elevate project on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show gadget extravaganza, billing it an unprecedented “Ultimate Mobility Vehicle” […]

Canada’s Trudeau raps Japan PM on whale hunt

OTTAWA – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday took issue with Japan’s plan to resume commercial whaling in a telephone call with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe. According to a statement from his office, Trudeau said he “raised the important issue of whale conservation and committed to working with international partners to protect whale […]

In space, the US sees a rival in China

WASHINGTON, United States – During the Cold War, US eyes were riveted on the Soviet Union’s rockets and satellites. But in recent years, it has been China’s space programs that have most worried US strategists. China, whose space effort is run by the People’s Liberation Army, today launches more rockets into space than any other […]

4 Pinoy-made mobile games to check out this 2019

Listed below are just four of the many Pinoy-made mobile games we’ll be playing this year. We think you should, too! 1. Brawl Quest A free-to-play mobile game inspired by classic arcade beat ‘em ups like “Double Dragon,” “Streets of Rage,” and “Golden Axe,” “Brawl Quest” is one of the latest from ThinkBIT Solutions, an […]

NASA says faraway world Ultima Thule shaped like a snowman

WASHINGTON — Four billion miles from the sun floats Ultima Thule, an icy celestial body that NASA scientists announced Wednesday is aptly shaped like a giant snowman. The first detailed images beamed back from the US agency’s New Horizons mission allowed scientists to confidently determine the body was formed when two spheres, or “lobes,” slowly […]