Aptus Team Reviewers’ Training in CDO

If a company were to be described as an ecosystem like a jungle, and the different teams that make it up were the plants, then a growing delivery model would be in constant need of care and enrichment. These plants would have to be watered and given sunlight so it could successfully grow into a highly productive part of the company; thus, consistently delivering expansive results to clients — the ones who keeps the jungle alive.

Aptus keeps to its commitment of providing quantitative successes by continually cultivating and tending to its plants. A budding team spent a six-day stay at Cagayan de Oro, with the objective of coming back ready to perform more accurately and efficiently than ever before, according to team leader John Kervin Berce. The company-sponsored trip was the first for this team, and the training that they took part in was an effort to advance the skills and career opportunities of the members. -AGSI

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