MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In keeping with international standards in maintaining a healthy workplace, APTUS Global Solutions Incorporated, one of the rising Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in the country, held a series of wellness talks to raise employee awareness on the major relevant diseases which commonly pervade the industry. The talk was delivered by Dr. Alexander Anacin from Cocolife Health Care, our HMO partner, last October 26, 2018.

Dr. Anacin highlighted certain diseases such as sore throat, cough and flu, and other similar problems in the throat area (pharynx) and discussed how to combat each of them. The employees were reminded of simple preventive measures as well, such as consistent water intake and regular health check-up. The BPO industry is said to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the Philippines, employing more than 1.15 million people per November 2017 statistics. Given its significant representation in the country’s workforce, the Department of Health (DOH) also deemed it imperative to address the health risks being faced by BPO employees.

APTUS Global Solutions, located right in the heart of Ortigas city, currently employs around six hundred (600) call center specialists and continues to grow to serve more clients worldwide. In its commitment in delivering quality service, the company does not just hold regular job-specific training programs, as it also gives importance to its employees’ health conditions through wellness talks such as above mentioned.