AI unlikely to replace Pinoys in medical outsourcing —HIMAP

Artificial intelligence (AI) is unlikely to displace Filipino workers in the medical outsourcing industry, the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) said Tuesday.

In a press conference in Taguig City, HIMAP chairman Jeff Williams said that the human workforce will simply be augmented but not displaced by AI.

“Sometimes we get worried about technologies like AI and RPA (robotic process automation). They aren’t going to displace the one thing the Philippines brings into the table, like hardly anyone else does, which is a good friendly human voice,” Williams said.

HIMAP counts as members firms in documentation outsourcing services—catering to companies located overseas—such as Convey Health Solutions and the United Health Group.

Companies investing in AI will simply augment data processing, but human workforce will still be needed in discerning what to do with the information on hand, Williams noted.

“They get more data available to them (with AI) and they get it more quantified, and they get it kind of refined a little bit,” he said.

“In my mind, this industry has nothing but room to grow.”

The industry is now generating as much as $2 billion in annual revenues, with some 133,000 employees in the Philippines, Williams said, citing recent data.

“We have gone so far up the value chain, and now technology is kind of coming in to help us even be stronger,” he said. —VDS, GMA NEWS


Credits to GMA News.

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